Living Arrows 30/52 – Daisy spends time learning

There are just 6 weeks now until Daisy starts school. Eek! I’m so excited, but also nervous too. I’m worried about how Daisy will be able to eat at school, and if she will be able to dress herself for P.E lessons BUT I’m also super excited for her to begin to learn to read, and learn maths, and just expand her knowledge so much. Lots of friends have told me that the next year is a HUGE one in her learning, and mindset, and I’m really excited for those changes.

Daisy standing in our hallway after dressing herself
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Living Arrows 30/52 [2019]

Happy Monday – I hope you’ve had a great first week of the Summer holidays. I’m really aware that this is the last summer that Daisy will be in childcare – eek. How has this come around so fast? I’m sure before I know it we’ll be getting ready for her to go off to school! This weeks living arrows 30/52 post is now live!

Living Arrows 30/52

I know this isn’t the best photo, but Daisy was about to go out of the door last night, to her Grandma’s house, and I realised that I didn’t have ANY photos from this week that I could use in this post. The weather has been SO hot and we’ve been spending lots of time in our PJs, keeping cool playing with water lots.

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Living Arrows 30/52

This was our last week together before Daisy starts nursery. I’m excited for Daisy, as I know she’ll have so much fun. Daisy is 16 months now and I can’t believe how big she is. Where has my baby gone?! Hopefully leaving her there will go well! My living arrows 30/52 post is now live.

Living Arrows is a linky from the lovely Donna from What The Redhead Said. Parents are invited to link up weekly and share photos of their children from the previous week. I love taking part and I’m looking forward to looking back at the end of the year.

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth – Kahlil Gibran

Living Arrows 30/52 – 2017

Living Arrows 30/52 - Daisy at swimming lessons

Daisy has almost completed chapter 4 of Water Babies. I’m looking forward to writing our review post for this chapter. We’ve had the best chapter yet! After this photo was snapped I took my hands off the woggle and Daisy was able to float for a few seconds! This means she is perfecting her balance in the water and will be able to float soon! Wow. I’m so proud.

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