Living Arrows 4/52 [2020]

Good morning! Happy Monday! I hope you’ve had a great weekend. We’ve been working on more jobs at home, and now the living room is almost finished! Slow and steady progress is being made, which is great. Daisy is really excited as in early March we will be getting a dog to join our family.

This weeks photo I snapped while we were on the way over to see Daisy’s Nan & Grandad. She loves a visit to my in-laws and sees them at least once a week, which is great. It’s so nice to have a good family unit around us and Daisy really thrives from all the different people she sees and places she goes. Today Daisy is off to a farm this afternoon, and I know she’ll have a great time!

Daisy loves nature - Living Arrows 4/52 [2020]
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Living Arrows 3/52 [2020]

Good morning! Happy Monday! I hope you’ve had a great week. This post is going to be dominated by just one thing… Daisy had an allergy trial in hospital on Wednesday, for dairy, and she passed! Which is just unbelievable. Dairy was Daisy’s worst FPIES allergen when she was a baby and made her so poorly even from just 10 day old. I am still in a state of shock about it all and while we have to trial lots of dairy related foods over the next month, at home, I’m looking forward to her being able to enjoy some dairy away from home too soon! Perhaps even a trip to Disney towards the end of this year!

This weeks photo I snapped while at the bus stop on Friday, waiting to go to Nursery. Daisy was singing about tigers and kangaroos and making up a song. It was such a lovely time together.

This isn’t the best photo ever but I just wanted to capture my cheeky girl!

I mentioned last week that Daisy loves a cheeky McDonalds, and we love that they are able to cater to her FPIES allergies. Soon she will be able to try a cheeseburger (without the bun) which I think is going to be quite exciting for her. Also, I keep spending hours every day procrastinating thinking about all of the nice things that she is going to be able to eat and enjoy. Ice cream, lots of types of bread, just so many sauces, filling meals and lovely treats. It is going to be a great year for Daisy, I can just tell! Food is life really and I can’t wait for her to be able to get more calcium easily.

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Living Arrows 3/52 [2019]

Recently Daisy has been gradually able to reduce the number of allergens that she has. Obviously this is really exciting but it also leads to lots of tension at home. While Daisy isn’t trialling foods she has FPIES to and instead is trialling her less severe allergies, it is really worrying still. Still, recently she’s passed Xanthan Gum and now it seems like she may pass coconut too – which is very exciting. This means that Daisy can have lots of new foods – including a gingerbread man! At least now I can choose whether to make homemade gingerbread or not. This weeks living arrows 3/52 post is now live!

Living Arrows 3/52 - Daisy eats a gingerbread man

As you can see Daisy was a little bit suspicious but was happy to try a gingerbread man! She was telling the people in the shop that she was going to have a gingerbread man and she was going to bite his head off!

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Living Arrows 3/52 – 2017 – Another week has passed by!

Wow it has been cold hasn’t it! We had the stupid idea to go for a walk, several days, when it was snowing! Daisy wasn’t fazed though and loved being out in her snowsuit in the snow. This is the first time that Daisy has ever encountered snow. She was happy and spent a lot of time just watching it flying through the air from the warmth of her pram. Living Arrows 3/52 has begun!

Living Arrows is a linky from the lovely Donna from What The Redhead Said. Each week parents link up to share photos of their children from the past week. It is a lovely chance to reflect on those small but lovely moments in life.

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth – Kahlil Gibran

Living Arrows 3/52 – 2017

Living Arrows 3/52 2017 2

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