Living Arrows 43/52 [2019]

Happy Monday! I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend and remembered that the clocks went back! We spent some family time at home and Thomas and I enjoyed a very long overdue night off last night. I’m excited for a normal family week ahead. Time to do some work around the house, make a start on the next decorating we are doing and just get my work caught up ready for a holiday in a couple of weeks. This weeks living arrows 43/52 post is now live!

Living Arrows 43/52 - Daisy and Daddy at Paradise Wildlife Park

This photo was taken recently when Tom & Daisy enjoying a trip to Paradise Wildlife Park. (We received gifted tickets in exchange for Instagram coverage). Daisy loved seeing all of the play areas, seeing lots of animals and spending a whole day with her Daddy just the two of them. We’ve been fans of Paradise Wildlife Park for years now, visiting long before Daisy was born, and it is great to be able to take her there too!

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Living Arrows 43/52 – A look at our week

Well, what a rubbish week last week was. I had mentioned in my last Living Arrows post that Daisy had been under the weather. This got worse and by the middle of the week Daisy was in hospital. She is home now, and has perked up considerably, but has an upper respiratory infection and a few other things going on. She is still vomiting lots, but that isn’t unusual with her allergy syndrome. It is really hard at times to tell whether it is her FPIES or something else that is making her ill. Anyway, this weeks living arrows 43/52 post is now live.

Living Arrows 43/52 - Daisys drip

Daisy had only been at the hospital a short time when she was put on a drip for dehydration. I knew, as soon as this was fitted with a cannula, that we would be at the hospital for the night. At least.

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