Living Arrows 44/53 – a trip to the park

Whenever I write the new number for the weeks Living Arrows I can’t believe how few weeks there are until Christmas – eek! How can it be this close to the end of the year? I’m feeling the overwhelm a little at the moment, but just keeping my head down and working hard to get everything done. We will be on holiday in two weeks and all the work time will be worth it! This weeks Living Arrows 44/53 post is now live – Daisy went on a trip to the park!

Living Arrows 44/53

Daisy woke up on Sunday and asked if she could go to the park. As Daddy was home he got her ready and they went out. However, as they got into the car Daisy was sick absolutely everywhere. Her clothes and the car seat were full. They came home but Daisy was determined that she was going to the park and just kept saying she was going, so we gave in! Daisy fed the ducks, saw the animals at the local Pets Corner and went to the park too. She was full of energy and didn’t seem to have suffered any ill effects of being sick. At that point, we weren’t sure if it was a sickness bug or an FPIES reaction.

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