Living Arrows 44/52 [2019]

Good morning! I hope you have a great week ahead. We’ve had a lovely week at home getting jobs done and Daisy has enjoyed a weekend with her Grandma too. This meant that Thomas & I could concentrate on some jobs done that we can’t do with Daisy around – like sanding and getting into the loft! This weeks living arrows 44/52 post is now live!

Living Arrows 44/52 - Daisy riding around on her Toddlebike

Daisy is still loving in a new house and now we are pretty much unpacked, and getting organised, we have more time for trips out too. Recently Daisy came to meet me at the shops, on her Toddlebike, and she almost rode it the whole time too.

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Living Arrows 44/52 – A look at our week

Regular readers will know that last week was a poor one for us. Daisy was in hospital and there were other things going on too. This week has been MILES better. Hooray! We’ve had a pretty good week, besides Daisy being grumpy most of the week. We have spent several days together as a family which has been fantastic and we have just finished a lovely week together. This weeks living arrows 44/52 post is now live.

Living Arrows 44/52

Last week we got out and about a lot more. We took Daisy to the park and she absolutely loved it. It was so nice for her to be able to run and burn off some steam. She had a great time seeing her Uncle Richard too – who always makes her laugh!

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