Living Arrows 48/52 [2019]

Good morning! Happy Monday! To be honest I’m really glad that a new week has started. A new week feels like a great chance to reset for the wee ahead. A good deep clean, lots of chores, painting & decorating and generally getting this house organised is my order for the week! This weeks living arrows 48/52 post is now live!

Daisy is in the poorly house! Here we are enjoying a nice cuddle on the sofa.

Daisy has really been under the weather for the last week. On Thursday Daisy went to the Doctors, with her Nanny & Grandad, as Thomas & I were away for a friends wedding. Daisy was diagnosed with a throat infection and the Doctor remarked that they were surprised Daisy had still been able to eat. She’s definitely my daughter!

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Living Arrows 48/52 – A pretty great week for us!

We have got back to reality this week after our holiday. We’ve taken delivery of a new washing machine and had a de-clutter ready for Christmas! Daisy no longer uses her playpen now when she is playing toys – so that has been fun! Now our kitchen/living room is regularly filled with toys but it isn’t that big a deal actually. Not as much as I thought it would be anyway! Last week Daisy went to Grandma’s house AND Nanny & Grandad’s house. This has allowed me to get lots of work done and start planning my December content – exciting! We have had a great week, no illness, only one injury, just a little teething, and Daisy is coming on leaps and bounds. This weeks living arrows 48/52 post is now live.

Living Arrows 48/52

As you can see Daisy has a new area to play with her toys and she is surprisingly tidy! We are able to say ‘tidy up’ and she will try her best to tidy her toys away.

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