Living Arrows 50/52 [2019]

Good morning! Happy Monday! We are all in the poorly house at the moment. Thomas is recovering from a dental operation under general anesthetic, I’ve got a bad cold/chest and Daisy has been snotty for weeks now. It’s fair to say that we are all a bit grizzly! I really hope we can manage to shake things off before Christmas Day! This weeks living arrows 50/52 post is now live!

Living Arrows 50/52 - Daisy playing at the park
We like to let Daisy choose her own outfits – a lot of the time it’s interesting to say the least!

Daisy absolutely loves a trip to the park so lately, I’ve been walking to the supermarket more and stopping at 2 or 3 parks on the way back. Daisy loves it and I usually get a nice snack from Lidl to enjoy while hanging around too. It’s great fun! This has become a real fun little part of our routine and I save money by shopping at Lidl over other supermarkets.

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Living Arrows 50/52 – A snow day! (AD)

AD. What a week! It went by so fast and yet so slow at the same time. Daisy and I are suffering from a cold at the moment, as it is that time of year. I’ve gone deaf in one ear, not fun, but according to the Doctor, they can’t see anything wrong… How helpful! Anyway, we’ve had our usual routine for most of the past week – until Sunday! On Sunday we had a lovely amount of snow, which is thankfully clearing away now. Daisy, Daddy and I had great fun together playing in the snow! This week’s Living Arrows 50/52 post is now live.

Living Arrows 50/52

As you can see Daisy is loving being out in the snow, although her outfit is miles too big! We are at that stage where 18-24 month clothing is too small but 2-3 year clothing is HUGE! Oh well, nothing wrong with a bit of money saving and she’ll grow into it I’m sure!

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