Living Arrows 51/52 – Daisy loving her doll

Another week has flown by! This time next week it will be Christmas! Unbelievable. I’m really excited for the week ahead as we finish our food shopping and get the last minute preparations under way for the big day. Daisy is really excited by the lights and decorations in our home. I’m sure she is going to be thrilled when she sees what Father Christmas has brought for her! This weeks Living Arrows 51/52 post is now live.

Living Arrows 51/52 - Daisy playing wtih a doll

Recently Daisy has been in love with her doll. This is a *my first baby doll and it is ideal for little ones. You can press her hands to hear her sing a little song. Initially I found this a bit on the creepy side but Daisy absolutely loves it which is good enough for me! Daisy was playing with her doll while watching television – thank goodness for the TV babysitter!

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