Living Arrows 7/53 – Daisy and Grandma!

Happy Monday! The week is finally here – the week that my Mum has open heart surgery. Valentine’s Day to be exact. Only my Mum could be getting her heart fixed on Valentine’s Day! We’ve got our fingers crossed that the next few days go well and my Mum comes through the other side stronger, fitter and with a long life ahead of her. Now that a new week is here I’m looking back on last week and reminiscing already! We managed to fit in lots of time seeing my Mum, going to bingo and what not, and Daisy had a day out with Grandma on Saturday. I took this photo of Grandma and Daisy at the bottom of the stairs in my building and as you can see they are wrapped up against the elements! Here is our Living Arrows 7/53 post – Daisy and Grandma enjoying a day out together! 

Living Arrows 7/53 - Daisy and Grandma together

Daisy was in a REALLY grumpy mood from the moment she woke up on Saturday. Then I told her that she would be going out with Grandma and she definitely understood! Daisy was jumping around and asking me to put her coat on, despite it being two more hours until Grandma was coming to collect her. Daisy is wearing a staff that my Mum knitted for her – it’s so warm and colourful!

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