Living Arrows 12/52 [2020]

Hello! A new week is here and I’m, understandably, anxious for what the week ahead brings. Daisy will be staying home from Nursery and we will be making the most of the time together. And I’ll be juggling work of course where that comes up! Anyway, on Saturday Daisy turned 4! Here is our Living Arrows 12/52 post.

Daisy turned 4!
It was just the 3 of us at home, no party this year, but Daisy had a great day anyway – as you can see from the state of her PJ top!

Because of the Coronavirus, we had to cancel Daisy’s Birthday party. We had made our decision before the isolation guidelines came around because we want to keep our family, and others, as safe as possible. I think it is really important for people to stay home if they can.

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Living Arrows 9/52 [2020]

Good afternoon! I’ve not been working over the weekend so completely forgot to get this scheduled in! Daisy and I have been enjoying a lovely weekend and Tom was home for most of it too which was great. We just enjoyed each other’s company, relaxed and enjoyed being at home. Our new dog is arriving this weekend so we wanted to keep it low maintenance ready for all the life changes that are coming our way!

Living Arrows 9/52 - Daisy dressing up in a tutu
Daisy got this rainbow tutu recently and had fun dressing up – she was very cheeky that day!
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Living Arrows 8/52 [2020]

Good evening! I’m a bit late publishing my Living Arrows post this week, as I’ve been rushing around! We have been decorating our kitchen and then just as the weekend was starting m Mum went into the hospital with some breathing issues. Since then I’ve been rushing around and so this weeks photo was snapped yesterday when I took Daisy to visit Grandma!

Daisy visiting Grandma - running down the hospital corridor
Daisy on her visit to see Grandma!
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Living Arrows 6/52 [2020]

Good morning! I hope you’re feeling rested after the weekend. I am! This weekend Thomas was on day shifts both days so Daisy and I spent the weekend together. I worry sometimes about entertaining her for full days by myself, which is just anxiety really. On Friday I made a list on my phone with lots of ideas of things to do at home, and ways to have fun that was outside of our normal toy playing etc. This was really fun and I let Daisy pick things and she had great fun. The weekend flew by!

Daisy covered in blue paint on both hands - little cheeky girl!
Daisy loves playing with paints!
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