Living Arrows 1/52 [2020]

Happy New Year! I hope that your 2020 is off to a great start, I know ours is. As is common at this time of year I am feeling super motivated. Because Daisy and I have had the flu for several weeks we’ve been stuck home which means I’ve had time to think about lots of plans for the year ahead both for our family and for my blogging life.

Daisy helping make pancakes
Daisy is so inquisitive so I love to let her help me in the kitchen.
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A whole year of Living Arrows

My lovely friend Donna, from What The Redhead Said, runs a weekly linky called Living Arrows. Parents are invited to share a photograph, every week on Monday, to show what their child has been up to in the past week. I started taking part every week from January 2017, as I wanted to document how much my daughter Daisy was changing each week. Now that I have completed a year of Living Arrows I’d love to share with you some of my favourite photographs from the past year. I hope you’ll enjoy looking back, and seeing how much Daisy has grown!

Living Arrows 1/52 - 2017

This was the first photograph that I shared in 2017 from Living Arrows 1/52. I was really excited to share a photograph every year but wasn’t sure if I would actually manage it!

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