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In the year since I joined The Money Shed I have found a variety of new ways to make money. I am not entirely sure why but it took me several months to try out App Jobber. This is something that I instantly regretted, especially as I am making an easy £80-£120 a month from …

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An iPhone on a desktop with a text overlay of an update on the spare 5 mobile app to make money

Spare 5 update

I first wrote about Spare 5 back in December 2014 (you can read the post here). I made $70 for around 4 hours of work which was fantastic of course. I’m sharing with you today a Spare 5 update! Since that post, I have dipped in and out of using the Spare 5 app due to …

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Quick Swagbucks

When it comes to earning money online I am someone who is always trying to minimise the time spent working to maximise the amount of money I can make in just a few hours. If I can make my daily target across my websites for just a few hours every day then I’m happy with that …

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I use a number of ‘Get Paid To’ websites, such as Swagbucks, Gifthulk and Clixsense. In addition to this I use *InstaGC and several other websites, that I will write about in the coming weeks. ‘Get Paid To’ websites pay their members to complete tasks. These usually range from watching videos, clicking on adverts and …

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