Aims for September 2018 – the results

3 months until the end of the year – madness! I’m not sure about you but I just cannot believe that we are already at the end of September! This means I’ve got just 6 weeks until we go on holiday – and I can’t wait! This is usually our biggest (expense wise) family holiday of the Autumn/Winter seasons and I can’t wait now. We really need some downtime to relax together, chat, eat good food and not have any work to worry about.

Aims for September 2018 - the resultsa

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Aims for August 2018 – the results

The end of August already. Wow! I’m excited as September is my Christmas prep month and I’m looking forward to achieving lots. I can’t wait to see what the cooler months bring opportunity wise for my family, as I always feel at my most productive and organised when it is not so hot. My Aims for August 2018 – the results are now live!

Aims for August 2018 - the results

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Aims for June 2018 – the results

Wow – that was over fast wasn’t it?! Soon be back to the lovely cold weather that I love. Soon be time for Winter Wonderland at Centerparcs. I swear life just seems to zip by so fast every year once January and February are out of the way. Anyway, here we go – my aims for June 2018 – the results!

Aims for June 2018 - the results

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Make money selling courses thanks to HowNow

Sponsored post. As a blogger, it is fair to say that I have quite a few strings to my bow. I love being able to make money online, from a variety of sources. It is also fair to say that some areas that I create content are a little disappointing to me, including YouTube. I struggle to grow my Youtube channel, and I have no chance of monetising it for quite a while yet. Today I want to talk to you about HowNow. This is a website that allows you to create your own online courses and sell them too! You can literally sell your information to others, to help them better themselves, and make yourself some money too. You really can make money selling courses with HowNow.

Make money selling courses

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