Eco-friendly money and water saving tips

*This is a collaborative post*. I’m quite well known for being someone who wants to make and save money. This stands online and offline too. My own home is mostly environmentally friendly, with a high energy proficiency rating. I love to find new ways to save money, as well as making it. For me a pound saved is equal to a pound earned. Money is money after all. Today I want to talk to about some eco-friendly ways to save yourself money and save water too. These are my 5 water saving tips:

My money and water saving tips

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Aims for May 2017

Every month I always remark that I cannot believe that another month has passed. It is so true though! Every time I write these posts I cannot believe another month has zipped by. We are all a month older, I am a month closer to some of my big aims. Life seems to pass by in the blink of an eye. Usually. April felt quite slow though to be honest. At the time at least! We had lots of illness in our household and a nice holiday too. May will be the month of routine and getting back to normal. Whatever that is. Anyway, here we go! My aims for May 2017!

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Aims for April 2017 – the results

My Birthday has now been and gone. April is already over. My daughter is growing up so much and things are looking up finally. I’ve been really unwell this month, and my daughter Daisy had a febrile convulsion. I’m looking forward to hopefully having a better May and seeing how things go for us. Anyway, here is my post on my aims for April 2017 – the results! Have a nosy at how I did and where I went wrong if you like that sort of thing.

Aims for April 2017 - the results

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Aims for April 2017 – Have a nosy at what I want to achieve!

April is here… the month of my Birthday! I’m really looking forward to this month to be honest. My husband has almost 2 weeks off work. This means we will have lots of time to get down our allotment. Also, we will be enjoying another holiday to Centerparcs – which I’m really grateful for. I’ve been enjoying having a holiday every single month. I don’t know what I’ll do next month! Anyway, here are my aims for April 2017.

Find out more about my Aims for April 2017

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Aims for March 2017 – the results

Crazy to think that 25% of the year has already passed us by! This means that it is almost April, and my Birthday! I’m really looking forward to April as we have almost two weeks off together – which should be lovely! Anyway, if you’re reading this you probably want to know how I did with my aims for March 2017. Here we go – my aims for March 2017 – the results!

Aims for March 2017 - the results

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