Getting ready for Christmas with Toys ‘R’ Us and Take Time To Pay

Well September is here. The kids are back to school and thoughts start to turn to Autumn, colder nights and even Christmas! Yes, I said it. Christmas. Where does the time go? If you’re anything like me you like to get ahead of things, know your finances are in control and enjoy a wonderful Christmas in the process. This is why this year I’ve already gone to pick Daisy’s Christmas presents, thanks to Take Time To Pay from Toys ‘R’ Us.

Toys R Us

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Aims for September 2017

Happy September. The kids will be back to school in a few days and then we are on the long stretch towards Christmas. Seeing shops already selling items makes me feel a little bit cross. Should Christmas really be something that takes people 3-4 months to buy for? Really?! It is all about family really and with this in mind we’ve already made our arrangements to see people for Christmas. I’m really looking forward to it although I know it is months away still! Lots to get done before then so here are my aims for September 2017. Find out what I want to achieve and be sure to check back to see how I’ve done at the end of the month.

Find out more about my Aims for September 2017

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Aims for August 2017 – the results

The end of August. Woosh. There goes another month! Mad isn’t it sometimes. When I write these posts I am always shocked at just how fast the time has gone. Also, if I’ve had a great month, like I have this month, that shocks me more. Being motivated, and organised, works really well for me, and my family. I love holding myself accountable and sharing my results with you. My Aims for August 2017 results post is now live.

Aims for August 2017 - the results

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