Aims for May 2018 – the results

Another month has zipped by – where does the time go? Anyway, now that May is over I’m reporting back to you how I did with my Aims for May 2018. As always I’ve shared some aims, to hold myself accountable, and hopefully, you’ll enjoy reading about what I have achieved, and what I haven’t achieved! My aims for May 2018 – the results are live!

Aims for May 2018 - the results

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Top tips on investing for beginners

As a student or young professional here’s to a bright future. Retirement might seem a long way off, but if you want what you do with your money today to contribute to a prosperous tomorrow, you better start investing now. It may not be retirement that you are thinking about primarily, maybe you want to build an educational fund for children you have in the future. Whatever your aim, here are a few simple rules.

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Aims for March 2018 – the results

Wow, the end of March is here! 1/4 of the year has passed by in a flash! Daisy is 2 years old now and had a wonderful Birthday last week. This month has gone really well for us, and I’ve felt organised and on top of things. This is despite booking a last minute holiday in March and me being ill for almost 2 weeks of the month. Anyway, here it is my aims for March 2018 results post – enjoy!

Aims for March 2018 - the results

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Aims for February 2018 – the results

I can’t believe that we are already 1/6th of the way into the year! Every month when I write one of these posts I am amazed by just how fast the time goes by. Even though I often write these a week before the end of the month! Another payday rolls around for most people and I’m looking forward to the weather changing, a nice spring clean and getting motivated for the rest of the year. I feel like I’ve taken a bit of time to get started this year! Anyway, my Aims for February 2018 results post is now live. Just before you scroll down I need to say that I haven’t had my best month! My Mum went in for open heart surgery quicker than expected and had her operation on the 15th of February. So I’ve been pretty busy!! 

Aims for February 2018 - the results

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