Aims for April 2019 – Find out what I want to achieve this month

Happy April! I cannot believe that it has been a whole year since I was talking about entering my 30s and how I felt this decade was going to be a great one. Well, so far so good! I can’t believe we are already in April but this happens to me every year I’m sure! Here are my Aims for April 2019.

Aims for April 2019

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New Year, Same Me!

Happy New Year! I’m sure I’ve already said that a few times here in the last day or two but there you go! Another year starts up and everywhere I look I see people talking about their new year’s resolutions. All of the ways that they are going to change. This year I’m doing something a little different – I’m declaring New Year, Same Me!

New Year, Same Me!jpg

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Aims for January 2019 – Find out what I want to achieve this month

Happy January! Happy New Year! I love a fresh year and a fresh month for setting goals. I’m really excited for 2019 as I know it is going to bring very exciting things for my family. The next couple of months will just be spent wasting away our days in the excitement of moving into our first house together as a family of 3! Anyway, here we go! Here are my Aims for January 2019.

Aims for January 2019

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