How do I get everything done?

Something that I get asked, quite frequently, is ‘How do I get everything done?’. I assume that most of the time people mean working on my blog, running an allotment, looking after my home/family, baking, cooking, seeing the people I love regularly and making time for hobbies too. I don’t have a magic formula. I’m also not better than anyone else at these things, that I know of. However, today I thought I would write a post to share with you just how I get everything done. This post isn’t designed to show that I’m awesome, or make anyone else feel inadequate.

I am hoping that by sharing some insights into my average week I might give someone a few tips. Or some motivation to change their own life. Alternatively, I might make someone else feel that they ARE rocking their own life. Which I think most of us are. If you want to skip this 2,500 word monstrosity just scroll on down near the bottom. I’ve made a few small lists!

How do I get everything done - motivational quote

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Staying motivated working from home

I have been working from home full time for around five years now. I really enjoy the work/personal life balance that I have, as it has got much better in 2018, and I love being able to take a day off when I want to. When my daughter has a hospital appointment or something comes up unexpectedly I can always be there. Today I am going to share some tips on staying motivated working from home which I hope you will find useful.

Obviously working from home requires dedication and motivation. People often assume that working at home is simple. Although it really isn’t. You need to work hard sometimes to make money. You may also have children at home too, like I do. Couple that with the everyday stresses of life, and the other jobs a person has to do daily and you’ve got stress! Staying motivated working from home is one area I’ve got significantly better at in the last year or two. Thankfully

My top tips for staying motivated working from home

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