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Review: The Christmas Present by Alexander McCabe + a giveaway (AD)

AD. Christmas feels like such a magical time, more so this year. We have recently moved house and I’m even more excited for Christmas than normal. We will be able to decorate our house this year, including our garden, and Daisy is 3 so is the perfect age to buy into the magic of the festive …

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Oven baked hash browns

We love a nice ‘Brinner’ in this house. Eating breakfast for dinner is tasty and nice when you want a pretty lazy dinner. These oven baked hash browns take it up a notch, for not a lot of time, money or effort. Sometimes you just want a real hearty breakfast, or even something super tasty …

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What are survey demographics?

If you have ever completed online surveys for money then you may well have heard the phrase ‘survey demographics’ before. Survey demographics sometimes referred to as social demographics, are a set of questions, within a survey, designed to categorise participants. Survey demographics usually cover basic information, which can include your age, gender, education level completed, ethnicity, …

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The Meal Planning Linky Week #165 Meal Plan

Happy Friday! I hope your week has been a good one. We’ve been really busy here with baby plans, getting my Mum home from the stroke rehabilitation centre, hospital trips and more! It’s fair to say that I am really looking forward to the weekend, just to relax and not do so much! I’m keeping …

Read More about The Meal Planning Linky Week #165 Meal Plan (Previously Prolific Academic) is a survey company that I love – it is probably one of my favourite survey companies now! Each of the surveys on Prolific Academic pay a rate that is equal to at least £5 per hour. This rate is pretty high for survey companies and I often find that surveys typically take less time than they …

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