How I am combatting comparison syndrome (comparisonitis)

We all know these people who at times can make us feel inadequate. Online they can be prolific. They talk about how much money they make. How many followers they have. Where they live. What car they drive. Normal things to talk about. I’m one of these people myself sometimes. Some of these people may refer to themselves as influencers. I know some people hate this word but we are all influencers in our own way. Some of these people genuinely want to help others. Some lovely people share their amazing statistics when asked as a benchmark to what is possible online. I’m not having a dig at such people in this post. When you see someone else online who is killing it, whether through hard work or good luck, it can feel almost impossible not to compare yourself to them. Today I want to talk to you about comparison syndrome. Something that myself and other people I know online have been known to suffer from.

How I'm combatting comparison syndrome and learning to love my life more

I went away on holiday recently and while there I didn’t worry about what everyone else might be achieving while I was away. Instead I enjoyed a wonderful holiday with my family. I really feel that I’m combatting comparison syndrome now – it feels great!

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