I’ve requested another Onepoll cashout!

Onepoll is a paid survey website that I have wrote about in the past here. I have recently requested another Onepoll cashout.

If you are online most days then Onepoll is a fantastic site to sign up to. Membership is free and they have a plethora of different surveys on other each day/week.

The surveys are mostly small, quick and very simple surveys. They are on a wide variety of topics and they are usually looking for people of all demographics. Survey remunerations range usually from 5p – 30p. There are sometimes higher paid surveys and other opportunities available. I have been invited to complete a mystery shop before. I have also tested products too. The payment for these varies from £5 upwards. The highest paying shop I’ve seen was paying £125.

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What are survey demographics?

If you have ever completed an online survey then you may well have heard the phrase ‘survey demographics’ before. Survey demographics sometimes referred to as social demographics, are a set of questions, within a survey, designed to categorise participants.

Survey demographics usually cover basic information, which can include your age, gender, education level completed, ethnicity, household composition, and location. This information is then used by companies undertaking market research to help them categorise information.

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Onepoll – One for people online every day!

If like me you are online for most of the day then OnePoll may be a fantastic site for you and this is my Onepoll review.

Onepoll allows you to complete numerous small, quick and simple surveys for remunerations usually ranging from 5p to 30p. There are bigger surveys available and I’ve also had a fair few product trials via this company, usually with at least £5 awarded for completing the post trial surveys.

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