Our 2017 Bucket List – our bucket list update

Back in January I wrote a post containing our 2017 bucket list. It was something that I created, on a whim, after seeing a few other people doing so. I love the idea of having a list of things that I want us to achieve throughout the year. I tried to ensure that each of the items on the list was something fun. For me a bucket list should be about pushing yourself to try something new. It should also allow you to make time for your family, and yourself, to have fun and relax. Being self-employed it can be hard for me to switch off at times. Right now I’m writing this post pretty late at night – just to get it done. Days off are really important to me and I’m really excited to share with you our 2017 bucket list update.

Here is a reminder of our 2017 bucket list at the beginning of the year:

Our 2017 Bucket List

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Our 2017 Bucket List – Lots of fun ahead for us!

My lovely husband and I had an up and down year in 2016. First my Mum was in a coma, and almost died. Then I almost died when our daughter arrived and it was a long recovery after my c-section. Then my friend found out she had womb cancer. To top it all off my Dad passed away from cancer – all in the first six months of the year. Daisy was poorly, my father-in-law too and in all we had a rough first six months. The second half of the year did see a vast improvement. Anyway, 2017 could be another up and down year, who knows. To celebrate a new year, and being alive I have created a 2017 bucket list. This is full of lovely things that I want to enjoy with my family.

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