Stay safe on the railways with Thomas and Network Rail (AD)

Living in Essex we are super lucky to have lots of great places we can visit on the train. Often, with the price of parking, and the congestion charge, it is cheaper for us to travel by train, especially into London. Recently I’ve been discussing how to stay safe on the railways with Daisy, with the help of a new FREE e-book from Network Rail and Thomas & Friends.

Daisy inside a blue painted cardboard train with a door and handle
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40 great ideas for your Yumbox

Being organised is something that I love. It helps me feel in control, allows our family life to run smoothly and it even helps us make healthier decisions. Meal planning keeps us away from the too regular takeaways and I like to spend time each evening thinking about our meals for the following day. For the last month or so I have been giving my 4-year-old a Yumbox, most days, for lunch. I like to fill it with a wide variety of foods and today I want to share 40 great Yumbox ideas! Skip straight to the end if you’d like to download my free printable! 

40 great ideas for your Yumbox - a look at one of the Yumboxes I have made for Daisy
How cute is this?
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Review: Disney Dumbo Fluttering Ears (AD – Gifted)

We were gifted the products featured in this post in exchange for honest coverage. As the parent of a child who is almost 3, we are starting to welcome Disney more and more into our home. We have been watching a number of Disney films recently and I’m looking forward to seeing Disney’s Dumbo in a couple of weeks. Daisy has been sent the Fluttering Ears Dumbo to play with and we’ve been having lots of fun with him!

Dumbo Fluttering Ears

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Find out why I don’t limit screen time

Screen time. The scourge of modern society. We’ve all seen the articles. Our children will grow up with small brains. They will be unsocialised. Our children will talk less than the previous generation. On and on the articles go. All sharing the studies and evidence that our children will basically become stunted by their addiction to tablets or screen time. Today I want to talk to you about why I don’t limit screen time and I rarely feel guilty about it!

Why I don't limit screen time

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Trying Bassetts Vitamins Omega-3 + Multivitamins Orange Flavour Pastilles (AD)

AD. My little daughter Daisy is a bit of a fussy eater*. She has FPIES, and multiple allergies, so it isn’t surprising really. We always liken Daisy to having days where she eats like a bird and days where she eats like a horse. This has got better in the last few months, but we are always conscious of trying new foods and giving her lots of fruits and vegetables. On the days where she doesn’t want to eat a lot, I like to make her a nice smoothie, to get plenty of goodness inside her. Recently we were invited to try the newly launched Bassetts Vitamins Omega-3 + Multivitamins Orange Flavour Pastilles for 3 – 6-year-olds. Today I want to share a few thoughts about them, and even share a little artwork that Daisy has created!

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