Global FPIES Day – The reality of living with FPIES

Our daughter Daisy was born on the 21st of March 2016. It was the happiest, and scariest, day of my life, as I had to have a c-section and Daisy was born, weighing 5lb 13oz at full term (38+4). My entire pregnancy had been difficult and when she was finally born safe I was so relieved. We went home, and started our life as a family of three. Then on April Fools Day, at just 11 days old, Daisy projectile vomited for the first time. We had a chuckle. She was just playing a prank on us after all – right?! Wrong. Daisy had FPIES and the beginning of a long battle was starting for us.

Daisy at one day old - Global FPIES Day

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That time I taught my daughter to swear…

So something semi-funny happened recently. I accidentally taught my daughter to swear. Her first swear word, b*stard, was a pretty strong choice… I’m surprised it has taken until 17 months for her to hear, and repeat, a swear word. I’m a swearer. I can’t help it. I’ve just always been someone who expresses her happiness, anger or sadness with a good swear word. Obviously I don’t want my own daughter to swear, at least not at such a young age. However what’s done is done and there is no point dwelling now. Today I want to share with you how I taught my daughter to swear and some funny stories from other bloggers too.

That time I taught my daughter to swear...

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