A millennial’s guide to planning for retirement (AD)

AD. This is a guest post by Paul Farrugia, Partner & Chartered Financial Planner at Equilibrium Asset Management.

Planning for the future is a concept that many young people tend to ignore, preferring to focus on the here and now. Creating financial safety can be hard work so while it’s understandable why some people sweep this under the rug, ignoring this can lead to financial worries later in life.

In a recent survey, Equilibrium Asset Management found that 81% of millennials – those aged in 2018 between 22 and 37 years old – don’t have an investment or pension goal in place. Failure to have this type of objective could actually leave young people out of pocket further down the line.

A millennial’s guide to planning for retirement - Katykicker

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Ways to better manage your finances (AD)

AD. Money makes the World go round hey. So they say. It is true really. If you want to live a nice retirement you’ll need money. If you want to travel you’ll need money. You’ll need money for most things in life. Not necessarily the best things – like love, but you’ll need it all the same. There are a number of Ways to better manage your finances. Some of them are obvious but I’m going to chat about them with you today anyway!

Ways to better manage your finances

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