What are profile surveys? What are they used for?

Upon joining survey websites the first thing you will usually be prompted to do is fill in profile surveys. These profile surveys usually cover basic information such as your survey demographics.

Filling in profile surveys will help companies decide which surveys you are most suitable for. If you state that you travel frequently for work then you may receive regular surveys on your travel arrangements or the companies that you use for your travel arrangements.

What are profile surveys and what are they used for?

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PopulusLive Surveys – Get paid £1 per 5 minutes of your time

Everybody who reads my posts probably knows that I love a good survey! Particularly ones that are well paid. Today I want to talk to you about Populuslive surveys. The surveys from Populuslive have a minimum payment of £1. Typically surveys are £2-3 although I’ve had a few £5 ones in the past too.

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