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Potato recipes

Oven baked hash browns

We love a nice ‘Brinner’ in this house. Eating breakfast for dinner is tasty and nice when you want a pretty lazy dinner. These oven baked hash browns take it up a notch, for not a lot of time, money or effort. They are GREAT served with air fryer bacon or air fryer sausages too. …

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Very best air fryer chips recipe (fries & chunky chips too!)

We LOVE using our air fryer. The best EVER recipe I’ve made would have to be airfryer chips! They are crispy yet fluffy inside with my two temperature method and best of all you need just TWO ingredients to make these. We love these chips but we also love my air fryer cheese chips too! …

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Airfryer hash browns

I love my airfryer. It really does make cooking just about anything so quick and simple! I’ve already got some really successful airfryer recipes, such as airfryer chips, airfryer roast potatoes and airfryer parsnips so I’ve been experimenting with more homemade recipes recently including these air fryer hash browns. These airfryer hash browns take around …

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