How long will a Pureprofile payment take?

Pureprofile is a survey company that I have wrote about before here. They have a low cashout threshold of £25 and a Pureprofile payment would arrive within 28 days. I personally cashout 4 or 5 times a year, and as such this is a real ‘slow burner’ for me. I only visit infrequently so I feel that this cashout amount could be improved upon, with the right demographics.

When I logged in yesterday I noticed that there was now a message on the homepage advising me that the Pureprofile payment terms are now 30 business days. It clearly states that this does not include weekends or bank holidays.

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*Pureprofile is definitely a slow burner and one that I just visit for a few seconds (literally) once or twice a week. Surveys can range from 30p – £5 really and if you are disqualified from a survey you will usually receive at least 5-10p for the few seconds it takes to get DQD.

Personally I only get a few surveys a month here, so I cashout maybe £100 a year, but it is for a very small amount of effort. I like that I receive a few pence for being disqualified, as this usually happens within a few seconds or maybe a minute. I find that most of the surveys I am offered here are available elsewhere, for a similar amount of money, which is perhaps why I don’t get many these days. Surveys tend to be quite visual, and simple.

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