Our Purrfectbox Review

My regular readers may remember that recently we received a Purrfectbox for our cats, Izzy and Jazz. We’ve been cat owners for 6 years now, when we received Izzy. Jazz joined us 4 years ago and they’ve been almost silently hating each other ever since. Despite this I still buy them lots of treats regularly and I never give up on my quest to make them friends. Playing with new toys regularly can keep my girls from fighting overnight. This makes for a better sleep for me and a more harmonious life for us all! Today I’m sharing my Purrfectbox Review with you and talking about this subscription box service.

Purrfectbox Review - Izzy playing with one of her new toys

This is Izzy. Izzy can destroy almost any toy in 2 minutes or less.

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Purrfectbox Review & Purrfectbox voucher code

We’ve got two lovely cats, Izzy and Jazz. I say lovely, really I mean complete sods. They fight, they hiss, they chew things and they love to scratch the edges of our sofas and our bed. Still, despite this they give nice cuddles and they aren’t complete arseholes. Rewarding them from time to time is something that I really enjoy. When the folks at Purrfectbox got in touch, to offer us a box, I couldn’t pass it up! My girls love to have new toys to play with and anything that keeps them from wrecking our home is good with me. Here is our review of the Purrfectbox.

Purrfectbox - A look at the front of the box

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