Ultimate lazy tuna fishcakes

My daughter and I are home in the day quite often. We tend to go out together in the afternoon, to help the day go by a little quicker. As we are off to the park, running errands or visiting soft play I like us to have a nice lunch together before we go out. I typically want something that is simple, cheap and makes a minimal mess. These ultimate lazy tuna fishcakes are perfect for knocking together in just a few minutes and using up a few leftovers too.

A look at my ultimate lazy tuna fishcakes - once cooked

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Easy calzone recipe

My husband has had an operation recently. One of the first things that he asked for, when he started to feel better, was a calzone. I decided to knock up this easy calzone recipe. It was so simple to make, fun to prepare and delicious too. The total cost of this calzone, including ingredients, for two people, is well under £2! Depending on the fillings you want. I’m so happy with this easy calzone recipe that I’m already looking forward to making it again! Skip near the end of this recipe to go straight to my easy calzone recipe card.

Easy calzone recipe - a look at my finished calzone

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Easy homemade garlic bread

Recently I decided to bake some bread. This is something I usually do in my bread maker. From time to time I want to make bread the old fashioned way. By hand. This was fine and all, however, even though I set a timer the bread was a little overdone! I knew that this wasn’t going to be the nicest bread ever for sandwiches, or for my initial purpose which involved it going back in the oven! Anyway, I am trying to reduce food waste where I can so I wanted to find a way to use it up. I decided on easy homemade garlic bread and I am so glad that I did! Skip near the end of this post if you want to see a printable recipe card!

My bread before I almost ruined it.

Easy homemade garlic bread - my bread before I baked it

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Fresh pasta recipe

I’m a real fan of making food from scratch. While this is partly to be frugal it is also to cut down the amount of salt and sugar that we consume. My fresh pasta recipe is super simple, takes minutes and is a bargain too! Using free-range eggs and high-quality flour this comes in at under 70p. Best of all it tastes so much better than the supermarket equivalent. It’s fun to make and great for little ones to help with. Scroll to the end of this post for a recipe card to get started right away!

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Tear & share bread – Panasonic SD2501

Bread is life. In our house at least. Any meal where I serve bread alongside it is always going to go down well with my husband. That effect is ramped up more when it is tear & share bread. Who doesn’t enjoy food that you can tear apart with your hands?! I’ve had a *Panasonic SD2501 breadmaker for a few years now. It is super versatile and makes much more than just bread. Cakes and jam for example. I love that I can be lazy and use it to mix up a dough while I take care of housework or online work. This tear & share bread is one such item that I make regularly. It keeps for a few days after it has been baked, at least, and freezes really well also. Scroll down near the end to see a printable recipe card for my tear & share bread.

Tear & share bread

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