Changing up the #NationsFavourites with Richmond chicken sausages + syn value! (AD)

AD. I’m a big fan of using my slow cooker, and of having a big variety of dinners in our meal planning repertoire. From time to time we like to mix it up, with some easier dinners, that are delicious and yet don’t take long to cook. For nights like this, we love a sausage based dinner. Sausage and mash, toad in the hole, sausage cassoulet, sausage, chips & beans – the list goes on! Recently I was invited to London, by Richmond, to find out more about their new Richmond chicken sausages – which have 20% less calories and 30% less fat but still taste good! Scroll down to find out how many syns are in Richmond chicken sausages. 

Richmond chicken sausages - #NationsFavourites

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