Sage and onion stuffing recipe

Before my daughter was born I would make us a roast dinner every single weekend. Over time I learned to make everything from scratch. Stuffing, gravy, yorkshires etc. My dinners just got better and better but also more and more time consuming. Then my daughter Daisy came along. Life got busier. I started to resort back to using Paxo and Bisto. Nothing wrong with that but it just isn’t the same! Anyway, life is getting back on track for us now and I’ve been able to start cooking from scratch regularly again. This is my sage and onion stuffing recipe. It takes around 5 – 10 minutes to prepare and then it cooks for around the same time as packet stuffing. Best of all this sage and onion stuffing recipe will set you back about 30p! If you add sausagemeat then this will bump up the price – depending on the quality.

Sage and onion stuffing recipe - A look at the stuffing balls once they are almost cooked

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