Invest money for the moments that matter with Fidelity (AD)

I’ve said it before here, multiple times I’m sure, but I am a firm believer that £1 saved is worth as much, if not more, than £1 earned. Making small, sustainable changes to your household spending can really transform your family finances. Today I have been asked, by Fidelity, to talk to you about the little luxuries that I cut back on to save for big financial goals and ways that you can do the same.

Getting organised
Find out how I’m getting organised to save more money
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Save money on beauty products (AD)

For 2020 I’m trying to make more effort for myself. With my Winter skincare mostly. Also, I’m trying to stop having a frizzy birds nest for hair too. It got real bad when I was in bed with the flu over Christmas time! I’ve really whittled down the products that I use in recent years and now I stick to buying the same make-up and skincare over and over as if it works why change things? Today I’ve got a few tips to share to help you save money on beauty products.

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7 simple tips to cut back on heating costs

When it comes to heating I am a firm believer that if you are cold then you should just put the heating on. I have never been a person to try and cut back on heating costs, at least until recently!

I managed to negotiate lower energy prices this year and save £137! I’ve been able to lock into a tariff which has seen my direct debit drop considerably. Obviously I’ve been very happy with my savings but I decided that as I work at home full-time that I would look at small things I could do to cut back on heating costs. Especially since moving house in September 2019 and realising just how much it costs to heat our cold house!

Cut back on your heating costs
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