How to create a smarter home for 2018 with key free locks

I have spoke about my love for technology around the home a few times before. I own lots of gadgets at home that are designed to make life easier, run smoother or just be more enjoyable. These days there is a plethora of technology that is designed to make life easier, but doesn’t always do so. I’m not sure about you but keys are a bit of a pain for me sometimes. As a parent to an 18 month old I often use my keys as a welcome distraction for my daughter. This means that on occasion I get home, and lug the pram up 48 stairs to our front door, only to find that my keys have been left in a shop, or on the journey home. This isn’t ideal but I think this is just one of the reasons that we would have really appreciated the chance to have a key free door in the past.

Key free locks

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