Rubber roast chicken

Recently my lovely Mum picked my up several whole chickens for just £1.25. These were reduced from £7 originally and were the huge chickens that you often see just before Christmas Day. I was really pleased with this and I promptly decided that I was going to stretch them as far as possible.

A rubber roast chicken basically means you stretch a chicken as far as it is physically possible. There are a number of ways that you can do this, of course, but today I’m going to share my favourite. A rubber roast chicken should ideally make at least 3 or 4 meals, depending on the amount of people that you are feeding. At the moment I am feeding two people, myself and my husband. This obviously means that our meals go further than yours may if you are feeding a larger family.

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Airfryer roast potatoes – Absolutely delicious AND so simple!

Last year I managed to buy an airfryer thanks to an Amazon lightning deal. I got it for a very reasonable price, but now I’ve tried it I would DEFINITELY pay more for it! One of my regular items to make in it is airfryer roast potatoes. They are so simple and easy that I just had to share.Airfryer roast potatoes

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Slow cooker roast chicken

Recently my husband has been suffering from the flu and this is his first illness in years that has seen him take sick leave from work. I have been trying to make lots of homely meals and keep him fed and watered. Yesterday I decided to make this slow cooker roast chicken.

Delicious slow cooker roast chicken

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