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What are survey demographics?

If you have ever completed online surveys for money then you may well have heard the phrase ‘survey demographics’ before. Survey demographics sometimes referred to as social demographics, are a set of questions, within a survey, designed to categorise participants. Survey demographics usually cover basic information, which can include your age, gender, education level completed, ethnicity, …

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MintVine (now known as Branded Surveys)

Recently I have been on the lookout for new survey websites. One website that I have come across is Mintvine (now known as Branded Surveys). MintVine (now known as Branded Surveys) is *free to join, like almost all of the sites that I write about. Payments are made via Paypal and while I’ve only had one so far …

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Quick Swagbucks

When it comes to earning money online I am someone who is always trying to minimise the time spent working to maximise the amount of money I can make in just a few hours. If I can make my daily target across my websites for just a few hours every day then I’m happy with that …

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*Swagbucks is quite a well known ‘get paid to’ company and this is my Swagbucks review. You can earn points, redeemable for a vast array of rewards (including Amazon and Paypal) for completing a number of different activities. You can earn points on purchases, receive free codes to enter several times a day for points …

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