Our Water Babies Chapter 3 Review

My regular readers will know that Daisy and I love Water Babies. We have taken part in an underwater photoshoot and we have now completed chapter 3. Chapter 3 has been a bit of a mixed bag for us. Not because of the quality of Water Babies but because we have missed almost HALF of the lessons. We had two holidays and we had several bouts of illness. Hand, foot & mouth, tonsillitis and more. Boo! Anyway, here is my Water Babies Chapter 3 review.

Water Babies Chapter 3 - Daisy learning to swim

Look how relaxed Daisy has become during Water Babies Chapter 3!

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5 things I LOVE about Water Babies!

My daughter and I have been attending Water Babies for a few months now. It is fair to say that we are fans of the lessons. This is evident from looking at our Instagram feed or even watching this YouTube video of Daisy having her underwater photoshoot! Daisy has learned a lot already from Water Babies and we are into chapter 2 now. Today I want to share with you 5 things I LOVE about Water Babies!

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Water Babies swimwear review

Daisy and I have been attending Water Babies swimming lessons – and loving them! Recently we were offered the chance to review some items from the Water Babies swimwear range.

Daisy has been absolutely loving her Water Babies swimming lessons in Harlow. We have been really enjoying the classes, so far, and I feel that Daisy is already benefiting from the lessons. She is nice and confident in the swimming pool and when on holiday she was really happy to spend more than two hours in the pirate playground water park – mostly because of her Water Babies swimwear I think!

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Swimming lessons in Harlow: Water Babies – Our first lesson!

My regular readers will know that recently I have been looking at signing up for swimming lessons in Harlow for Daisy. As Daisy is now 5 months old I’ve wanted to get started sooner rather than later. I was looking for swimming lessons in Harlow, as this is where we live and nice and convenient for us to travel around even when Daddy is at work.

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