Review: Water Babies Chapter 4 (AD – Discount)

We received a discount in exchange for coverage. My regular readers will know that Daisy and I love Water Babies. We have taken part in an underwater photoshoot and we have now completed chapter 4. Water Babies Chapter 4 has been a great chapter for us. We didn’t have to miss many lessons. 2 I think, out of 10. So that was great. Also, we didn’t feel behind because of the lessons that we did miss. Daisy has come on leaps and bounds, again, and I’ve really enjoyed getting in the water with her. Anyway, here is my Water Babies Chapter 4 review.

Water Babies Chapter 4 Review - Daisy getting ready for swimming

As you can see Daisy absolutely loves Water Babies and this is a photo of her getting ready for Water Babies Chapter 4. I can’t believe how much she has changed since we first started going!

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