Switching energy tariffs saved me £137 in just 6 months + £50 credit for you if you switch!

I’m quite a stickler for money saving, as my readers will know. I love being able to cut back the household bills in order to have more treats in life. Whether it is a break to Centerparcs, treats for my friends & family or just having a nice emergency fund money saving is important to me. Anything that can help me save a few pounds per year is great. In the past, I have always looked to change to a fixed tariff, once per year, every Winter. This would allow me to move tariffs and suppliers, without a fee to pay, and hopefully, find a similar or even cheaper supplier and tariff. Then I started to hear more about tariffs from energy suppliers that weren’t the ‘Big Six’. I was amazed at the savings that could be made. Once I got over my fears about a supplier going bust and learned that Ofgem would move me to another supplier, without a loss of supply, I decided to *make the leap to Bulb Energy, an energy supplier I had never used before. It has been 6.5 months since I switched and I’m back with the facts and figures on what I have saved in just 6.5 months!

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