Use The Money Shed Survey Bible to find paid surveys

Regular readers of mine will know that I love paid surveys. Personally, I complete most of my paid surveys in around 30 minutes a day. I like to keep my emails for the day in one folder (imaginatively titled ‘Surveys’) and then I work through and delete the lower paying ones. Then I ensure that I complete my surveys as quickly and efficiently as I can. When I am looking for other ways to earn money I visit The Money Shed. The Money Shed is a UK based forum that allows me to speak to other like-minded money makers. While I am already something of a seasoned veteran when it comes to making money online even I have picked up some new websites for paid surveys and other tips.

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Get £5 for FREE with The Money Shed!

Regular readers of mine will know that I absolutely love ‘The Money Shed‘. It is the only website that I currently have advertised here, as you can see from the banner above.

The Money Shed is a fantastic UK based forum full of like minded people, such as myself, who want to make money from home. There are lots of opportunities to make money, even for a seasoned moneymaker like myself. The Money Shed is absolutely free to join and there are 100s of people chatting daily about the ways that they make and save money. I have picked up some fantastic tips and I have also made some great online friends too. This is fantastic when working from home and means I have been able to increase my social circle and my online earnings.

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Over the last year, in particular, I have started to use a wide variety of different mobile apps. These allow me to earn money in a number of different ways. Variety is definitely the spice of life and I like lots of small revenue streams throughout the year. This means that if a company disappears, without paying me, that I don’t feel the pinch so much. It is also means that I usually have something coming in during the week every week. I like to use Roamler from time to time. Today I’m going to tell you more about Roamler and where you can find a Roamler invite code.

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Prolific Academic Update – Find out just how I’m getting on!

I first wrote about Prolific Academic back in February 2015. I have grown to love Prolific Academic and most of their studies are fantastic. If you want to sign up you can do so *here. I thought it was about time I gave my readers a Prolific Academic update.

Prolific Academic update

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