Daisy is 13 months old

My little girl is already 13 months old. Every single month I just cannot believe that another month has passed us by. It feels like a lifetime since I last wrote one of these posts but really it is just one month. Mad! This last month has been filled with ups and downs for us, but we are here and that is the main thing! Daisy is 13 months old – where has the time gone?

Daisy is 13 months old - and covered in filth!

Look at my little messy girl! We’ve had lots of days where we have been sitting at home together, in our PJs, feeling sorry for ourselves.

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Daisy is one year old – it has gone so fast!!

I cannot believe it. I’m officially a Mum of a toddler! Happy Birthday to my beautiful girl! Daisy is one year old and it has just gone by so fast. The last year has been a whirlwind, physically and emotionally. Some days I haven’t been able to think straight from tiredness. Most days have had something amazing about them though and I’m so grateful Daisy is here. Life is feeling good and I’m getting back to my old self too now, whoever that is?! Daisy is one year old – it has gone so fast!

Daisy is one year old

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Daisy is eleven months old – the year has flown by!

Well I can’t believe it. Just one month until my little tiny girl is one year old! Daisy was only 5lb 13oz when she was born, which is just so hard to believe now. She is so strong, confident and is zooming around our home too. I can’t believe where the last eleven months have gone really. Daisy is eleven months old already and once again another month has flown by!

Daisy is eleven months old - see what she has been up to!

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Daisy is ten months old – another month has passed!

I say this time and time again I know but wow – another month! Daisy has already been here for almost a year and I can hardly believe it sometimes. My tiny baby has been replaced with a little tornado. She whirls through the day creating mess, and noise, displacing objects but reminding me how grateful I am to be alive! Daisy is ten months old and this is what she has been up to for the past month:

Daisy is ten months old

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Aims for January 2017 – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope that the year is kind to you. 2016 was a bit of a mixed year for me. We had a daughter, which was amazing. My Dad passed away, which wasn’t so great. Then there were other problems in between with my health, Daisy’s health and more. However, another year is over and I’m getting motivated for the year ahead! Today I want to share with you my Aims for January 2017. I love writing these posts each month and holding myself accountable.

Find out more about my Aims for January 2017

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