Payments for surveys received this week.

This week I have already received a number of payments for surveys.

I don’t usually worry about keeping a list here, or elsewhere online, of the specific payments for surveys that I have received but from time to time I like to post here to let others know what I’ve had in recently. I think this also serves as a refresher for some people of websites that they haven’t logged into lately.

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TopCashBack review

I’m a real fan of earning cashback from cashback sites. For me there is something so satisfying about receiving money back for purchases that I was going to make anyway! Cashback sites are fantastic in that they incentivise you for joining up with a nice signup bonus too. Even if you are an occasional spender the savings soon add up throughout the years. I should know – I’ve made almost £2,000 so far! 

Cashback sites are everywhere these days but my favourites are TopCashBack and Quidco. I would say that *I use TopCashBack around 95% of the time but I do use *Quidco too. The reimbursements on offer for purchases are fantastic and I get an enhanced rate for being a Plus member. This means that I’ve spent just £5 per year and I get a % bonus on almost all of the purchases that I make.

I’ve made more than £1,900 now – money for nothing! Here is a little screenshot from March 2017:

I love cashback sites - here is a screenshot of my earnings with TopCashBack

As you can see I’ve made a few nice pennies! I’ve been a member for a few years now so I’ve had cashback on everything from holidays to insurance and even takeaways! Yum!

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