Preparing for a Vampirina party with new Vampirina Toys

Daisy has been a fan of Vampirina toys for most of 2018. We were fortunate to be gifted some toys earlier this year, and the Bootastic Backpack has become one of Daisy’s favourite ever toys. Now Daisy has a whole selection of new Vampirina toys to try, and we will be reviewing some of them in this post. Also, later in the month, we are going to take part in a Vampirina toys party which we will be sharing on Twitter – I can hardly wait! Daisy has been testing some of the new Vampirina toys – and loving them!

Vampirina Toys

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Taking The Social Journey with Mrs Wordsmith

My daughter is my pride and joy, and as such I want to help her learn, grow into a nice person and be the best version of herself. At 2.5 Daisy can count past 20, knows her alphabet and now we are going to start learning more words, and boosting her vocabulary. I believe that if children have the right tools they can be anyone that they want to be. Today I want to share with you The Social Journey, from Mrs Wordsmith. We have been gifted this product to feature in this review.

The Social Journey by Mrs Wordsmith

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Playtime with Puppy Dog Pals

With the Summer slowly ticking down I have been trying to keep Daisy entertained on the days that we are at home. New toys are a GREAT way to do this – particularly if they have lights or sounds. Even better if they move! Daisy was recently gifted some Puppy Dog Pals for the purpose of this review and today I want to show you some of this great new range.

Disney Puppy Dog Pals

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Review: Casdon Self Service Supermarket

My daughter Daisy is just over 2. This means that she is rapidly becoming super interested in role play. Pouring cups of tea, feeding her teddies and playing shops are high on her agenda at the moment. When we received the Casdon Self Service Supermarket I knew that Daisy was going to absolutely LOVE it! I decided to put it together on a day when she wasn’t here, just because I had read it would take around 30 minutes to assemble. Anyway, here it is, in all it’s glory – the Casdon Self Service Supermarket.

Casdon Self Service Supermarket finished product

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