Helping those in need with the #FoodbankAdvent campaign

I recently wrote about a Christmas campaign from the UK Money Bloggers. Now I’m back to update you on how I’ve been getting on. I’m hoping that this post is going to be a bit of a reminder of why I’m taking part in the challenge and give some of my lovely readers, who can afford to, a chance to join in too! Today I want to talk to you, briefly, about about #FoodbankAdvent and what the campaign is.

DIY Advent Calendar - My finished advent calendar

Remember when I made this really average DIY advent calendar? I’m still proud and can’t wait to get it out this year and fill it with little notes and goodies!

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I’m taking part in the UK Money Bloggers Xmas Campaign

This year, for Christmas, I’m looking to do more for others. As I have been all year. I have already collected a plethora of items this year for the food bank, including toys, toiletries and food and drink. When I have worked with brands, and been sent food and drink to review, I have collected items for the food bank. Now this year, for Christmas, I’m taking part in the UK Money Bloggers Xmas Campaign.

UK Money Bloggers Xmas Campaign

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