Simple cheese straws.

The lovely people at Wyke farms recently sent us some of their delicious cheese so I have just had another attempt at this recipe – it is still just as easy and even more delicious with the addition of Wyke Farms cheese!

I like to bake, cook and clean in my home. I’m a regular ‘1950’s housewife’ according to my friends, which suits me just fine.

Sometimes I want to make something tasty but I am short on time, or effort. It is days like this when I make cheese straws, puff pastry sausage rolls or other party food. Party food is always a hit in my home, especially when we have guests over.

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Tear & share bread – Panasonic SD2501

Bread is life. In our house at least. Any meal where I serve bread alongside it is always going to go down well with my husband. That effect is ramped up more when it is tear & share bread. Who doesn’t enjoy food that you can tear apart with your hands?!

I’ve had a Panasonic SD2501 breadmaker for a few years now. It is super versatile and makes much more than just bread. Cakes and jam for example. I love that I can be lazy and use it to mix up a dough while I take care of housework or online work. This tear & share bread is one such item that I make regularly. It keeps for a few days after it has been baked, at least, and freezes really well also.

Tear & share bread

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Gousto Review box 2

At the end of last year my husband and I tried a Gousto box for the first time. Gousto is an online company that will pick and pack the ingredients you need for an agreed recipe. The items are then sent out to you, by courier, and you can work through the recipe cards provided.

We have already received a box previously and you can read my post about that box here.

Gousto Review box 2 – what was inside the box

Gousto Review box 2

Firstly this is what the box will look like when it arrives.

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Spicy parsnip soup

Recently we were fortunate enough to receive a nice batch of parsnips from someone at our allotment site. Because I hate waste I set to work thinking of ways to use them up. I decided upon a soup and a few batches of parsnips ready for roasting alongside roast dinners.

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Slow cooker beef chilli

Slow cooker beef chilli is a real Winter warming dish and it is very straight forward to prepare. I am a huge fan of using my slow cooker, especially during Winter. I love being able to throw everything together and then at the end of the day there is a lovely meal. By documenting my recipes I’ve been able to start being more consistent with the taste and thickness of sauces too! Anyway, this slow cooker beef chilli is a firm favourite in our home and here is a little sneak peek at the end result.

Slow cooker beef chilli - A sneak peek at the end result

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