Slow cooker cottage pie filling

I’m a real fan of using my slow cooker. During the day I can spend a few minutes loading it up and then when my husband gets home we have dinner ready. I love the convenience of the slow cooker and that we can eat our dinner, together, whenever we are ready. This means if our daughter is ill, or stays up later than expected, that our dinner is ruined. Today I want to share with you my slow cooker cottage pie filling. This takes just over 5 minutes to get in to the slow cooker.

Slow cooker cottage pie filling - a look at the cooked filling

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Slow cooker chicken saag curry (AD)

AD. I’m a real lover of the slow cooker. I love nothing more than getting dinner ready in the slow cooker pot, before bed, and knowing that in the morning I just pop it on and leave it for 4-8 hours to cook. It is great knowing that dinner is already prepared and this frees me up for work, chores or just spending more time with my family. We’ve had this slow cooker chicken saag curry a few times recently and now I’ve perfected our ideal recipe. Making a chicken saag slow cooker dinner is SUPER simple and you can have it all ready to go in just a few minutes!

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