The Money Shed Survey Bible

Regular readers of mine will know that I love a good survey. Personally I complete most of my surveys in around 30-60 minutes a day, if that. I like to keep my emails for the day and then I work through and delete the really low paying ones. I then ensure that I complete my surveys as quickly and efficiently as I can. Another thing that I like to do daily is visit The Money Shed.

The Money Shed is a UK based forum that allows me to speak to other like minded money makers. While I am already something of a seasoned veteran when it comes to making money online even I have picked up some new websites and tips.

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Top 5 survey websites

I am a fan of survey websites and have been for a number of years now. Surveys are often frowned upon by people who earn money on the internet. Some people assume that surveys will pay you 50p for 30 minutes work. By being selective about the companies that you use it is possible to make a nice amount of money per month. You may never be able to work from home solely completing surveys, however, you could certainly enjoy a nice holiday or save towards a new car. You could take some of your survey earnings and use them for matched betting. This is a fantastic way to make an easy £500+ a month risk and tax free.

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Tips for completing surveys

Today I am going to share with you some of my top tips for completing surveys.

I regularly write about survey companies here. I’m a bit of a fan of surveys as I can pick them up as I want. I don’t have to worry that if I miss surveys for a day or two that I will be penalised. I do not have to worry about being disturbed if the phone rings.

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YourWord Surveys

I quite like surveys, despite their relatively low pay for the most part. This is mostly because they can be done easily alongside other work that I have regularly.

I can be on the telephone and working my way through surveys at the same time. This helps me maximise the money that I earn, without having to worry too much about making mistakes.

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