My Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for 2019 (AD – Gifted)

The products featured in this guide were gifted by brands in exchange for this feature. Valentine’s Day isn’t something that we go mad on, to be honest. We no longer go out for lavish meals, and we rarely even cook a fancy meal to mark the day! However, as busy parents, working on buying a house and running our family, we like having a special day to make an effort. This year I’ve decided that Valentine’s Day is going to be about more than just treating Thomas, my lovely husband, and will also be about treating myself! I’m a hard worker and I deserve some nice treats too! Here is my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for 2019.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for 2019

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Morse Toad – Say it with chocolate this Valentine’s Day (AD – Gifted)

We were gifted a voucher in exchange for this coverage. My husband and I aren’t really known for our grand romantic gestures. I’ll treat my husband to a holiday. He’ll treat me to a piece of jewellery from time to time – although less so since I remarked that I had too much! Sometimes I’ll get flowers, sometimes I won’t – for most of the year. I am really happy with our marriage, the strength of it, and how well we work as a couple. I’d much rather be rock solid, and financially secure, than have any number of the expensive gifts that I secretly hanker after. A new car for example! 

Morse Toad Review

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