Top survey websites

Today I am going to talk to you about my top survey websites. Survey websites are not my biggest source of income these days but they are a nice chunk when added up throughout the year.

I will give you a brief overview of the cashout for each of my top survey websites. I will also share with you some of my personal experience so I hope you find this useful.

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A roundup of my latest survey payments.

This month has been another great month for survey payments. The last week in particular has been great for me, as I’ve been very active, and I like to process any cashouts I have forgotten towards the end of the month.

As the end of the tax year is approaching I am processing what I can in order to receive survey payments in time to declare on the 2014/5 tax return.

I don’t often post a list of survey payments here, as I would be posting regularly and it can be a bit dull. I do feel that the odd post, every now and then, can help to prompt people about sites that they may have forgotten about so here goes!

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I earn gift cards thanks to Valued Opinions – you can too!

I have a Sainsburys supermarket just minutes walk from my home. This is great, in some respects, as it means I don’t need to pay corner shop prices for milk and bread if I run low. In other respects it isn’t so great as I buy cakes, deli meat from the counter and other goodies that I don’t really need. Thanks to *Valued Opinions (this link may redirect if VO aren’t taking on new sign ups via the link atm if this happens visit the Valued Opinions website directly) I am able to earn gift cards, £10 Sainsburys ones, to keep in my purse.

Earn gift cards or cash when you complete paid surveys with Valued Opinions

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Payments for surveys received this week.

This week I have already received a number of payments for surveys.

I don’t usually worry about keeping a list here, or elsewhere online, of the specific payments for surveys that I have received but from time to time I like to post here to let others know what I’ve had in recently. I think this also serves as a refresher for some people of websites that they haven’t logged into lately.

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*ValuedOpinions is an online survey company that offer surveys typically ranging from 50p – £2 and here is my ValuedOpinions review. On occasion I have received invitations to special projects that pay anything up to £80, but these are generally only a couple of times per year. I get 2-3 survey invitations most days, sometimes more, and find that most of their surveys are simple, visually pleasant and short. At the end of their surveys they will ask for ratings on their survey, and some surveys don’t credit for a number of weeks. I have kept track of these delayed credits in the past and found that they do arrive eventually, within 28 days.

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