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Take the Easter Game Night Fun to The Next Level With These Board Games (AD)

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Game time is an essential social activity. It’s been proven that families that set aside time to commune and play games are stronger and communicate better as a family unit, and playing games with your friends will help you to understand them better. Everybody loves games – the planning, the competition, and learning new things while finding different ways to win gets the blood pumping, especially when playing with friends and family.

So, set aside the phones and tablets and get ready for a rollercoaster with these selected board games from The Works. With these games, you’re covered on the skill, strategy, problem-solving and most importantly, fun!

Jumanji Board Game

Bring all the danger and heart-pounding adventure of the jungle into the room with Jumanji, a board game that throws you into the wild and leaves you with nothing but your wits to survive. Find out if you would make it in the real Jumanji jungle, and have fun escaping rhinos, crocodiles and lions as you and your group battle to survive. With Easter just around the corner, you can also give this board game as one the Easter gifts to your loved ones. 

Harry Potter Cluedo Board Game

Here’s where all your Harry Potter knowledge will come in handy – someone has vanished from Hogwarts, and it’s your mission to find out what magic was involved and bring them back! This trip into the Wizarding World can be played by 3-5 gamers playing as Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Luna or Neville. The board games kit contains all the potions and instruments you’ll need for fun Harry Potter extravaganza.

The First World War Strategy Board Game

Do you think you could lead your army to victory? Battle it out in this highly strategic game! Take control of cities, move your troops and outsmart other players to decide the ultimate fate of Europe. Perfect for both adults and kids, this game is sure to turn game night into a nail-biting competition.

Desperados of Dice Town Strategy Game

Break out the spurs and pistols for this Wild West themed game! You’re an outlaw tasked with breaking your comrades out of prison, but in this case, you have a set of dice and your tricks to get your mates out and outsmart the law. Fun, with a side of danger and adventure and perfect for 2-4 friends to play against each other.

Deluxe Edition Compendium of Classic Games

It’s okay to break out the classic too on game night. Everyone loves them! Get down to your favourite games with checkers, solitaire, backgammon and ludo amongst others with this compendium. With this one set, you don’t need to buy individual packs of classic games anymore. There’s a game in this collection for everyone from as young as three years old to enjoy.

This year, resolve to change up family and friends bonding time with a dedicated game night every week and see how your relationships improve. So, are you excited to get started? Head over to The Works, and let the games begin. 

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