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Taking my cat to the vet for an emergency

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I’ve been a cat owner since 2010. Izzy came to join our family back in 2010 when we first moved in to our flat together. Izzy was offered to us free, by an old friend of my husband, right at a time we were debating getting a pet. It seemed like fate. Later on we learned that Izzy has a big heart problem, and a heart murmur that is at the top end of the severity grades. Anyway, this has meant numerous expense over the years (as she was born with the condition it couldn’t be insured) but we love her so we soldier on. Recently I had my first experience of taking my cat to the vet for an emergency.

Taking my cat to the vet for an emergency

Now the first thing I didn’t know was that it is often possible to get a same day appointment at the vets. Which is bloody fantastic! It meant I was able to ring the vet and just 1 hour and 20 minutes later we were there waiting. There was an emergency at the vets so our appointment was 40 minutes later but I knew that we would be seen eventually. Seeing someone else come out of the appointment room without their pet soon puts things in to perspective when you are waiting to be seen. 

Also, I was slightly worried, as I always am, about the cost. This isn’t because we are poor, but because we are saving up for buying a house, and a new car. Anyway, I needn’t have worried. £63! Not bad at all we thought.

Are you wondering why I was taking my cat to the vet for an emergency? Well Izzy was acting a bit off for a day, which isn’t out of character for her. Then I noticed that her bottom fang was now OVER her lip. As you can see here if you look closely:

Taking my cat to the vet for an emergency - Izzy in the cat box

Poor Izzy had to have her tooth, which was already broken sadly, removed. This was done with pliers (ouch!) and I felt AWFUL for Izzy. However, since this has been done I can see she is feeling so much better.

Because of Izzy’s heart problems the root of the tooth still remains in her gum. This is because we can’t just rush to carry out a surgery that requires anaesthetic, as she might die! The vet assured us that cat teeth should absorb so we are hoping that all will be well now.

Izzy has a weeks course of antibiotics and pain relief and best of all she is enjoying the medicine in her usual wet food. This means her weight is staying healthy and we aren’t having to wrestle her to get her to consume the medicine. Win win for us! 

I’m so relieved that we could get a same day appointment and that Izzy was able to be relieved of her troublesome tooth promptly. I did feel a bit bad it probably took us a few hours to notice but that is the nature of being a pet owner I guess.

It was my first time taking my cat to the vet for an emergency. I hope it will be the last!

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