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Target archery at Centerparcs – Elveden Forest

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My family are regular visitors to Centerparcs. We enjoy holidays there at least 2 or 3 times a year. The convenience of holidaying just 1 hour from home just cannot be beaten for us! This is partly thanks to matched betting. I’ve been able to book lots of lovely breaks recently. Also, my Mum is generous too and is taking us away again in just a few months. We have taken part in a number of awesome activities at Centerparcs over the last few years and we do something different each time. One such activity was this.. Target archery at Centerparcs! If you’re reading this as you’ll be visiting Centerparcs soon then be sure to check out what to pack for Centerparcs! Also, if you’re wondering how I can afford to visit Centerparcs so much it is because I get free holidays thanks to matched betting! I save up the money that I make through the year and use some of it to have lovely breaks with my family.

Target archery at Centerparcs

What to expect – Target archery at Centerparcs

You’ll need to make a booking for this activity. You can book in advance before your holiday, allowing you to pay before you are on site. Alternatively you can book via the app, website or the kiosks dotted around the main shopping areas once you arrive for your holiday. Often you can book activities at short notice too. On occasion outdoor activities are cancelled due to bad weather. We went clay laser pigeon shooting once and it was cancelled because the equipment was broken. We were offered an alternative activity or a full refund, so couldn’t complain really!

Arrive with 5-10 minutes to spare. This allows time for everyone to be booked in and the session to start on time. Nobody likes a late comer – don’t be that person! It can take longer than you think to get around at Centerparcs so leave a little extra time to get the full benefit of your money – and this activity.

The lesson begins with a safety briefing, and the equipment being provided. There was a in depth talk, and demonstration, of the correct way to hold the bow and release it. If you made a mistake this could lead to a rather painful injury so I made sure to pay attention! We were provided with an arm guard which I was keen to use as I’ve got bad joints/arthritis/all that jazz.

After the safety briefing, and after the instructor has checked you’re not an idiot you’re allowed to practice. Then they were some games were you were paired up to get the best scores. This was fun and made it really enjoyable. Some people there had participated before but the skill level seemed about the same for everyone. My Mum got a bullseye for example – and she had never played before.

Prices for Target archery at Centerparcs

Present prices, correct for 2017, are £16 for children and £19.50 for adults. Children must be 10 years or over to participate. For your money you get a 55 minute session that has everything provided for you to participate, even if you have never done so before.

Overall opinion of Target archery at Centerparcs

I thought that it was great fun! We had a fantastic time. My husband, Mum and I were all thoroughly entertained. I wasn’t particularly good but this didn’t matter. My Mum was paired up with a stranger but she had great fun still and didn’t mind in the slightest.

Nobody got hit with a bow while we were enjoying the session which is always a plus. The instructors were really strict about nobody walking out into the field until everyone had finished. The session felt nice and safe, without being over the top with rules. The enjoyment was definitely high and I had a lot more fun than I thought I would!

Overall I would definitely participate in this activity again. I thought the price was high beforehand but actually it is reasonable for the level of coaching that you get. The safety aspect was most important to me, as I’m clumsy and always injuring myself. The customer service side was fantastic too – as always!

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